Tony Mclynn Solicitor

Tony Mclynn Solicitor

Tony Mclynn Solicitor

A High Court Special Summons was sought to sell the roof over my head among other things by Tony Mclynn Solicitor Athlone.

“By notices in writing Kathleen ‘OKeefe, and Mary Theresa Harte have confirmed their desire to have the house and lands of the estate sold. Nicholas Duffy and his four children have also confirmed that they desire to have the property sold. It is also the wish of the Plaintiff that the property be sold.”

Bearing in mind that they and their Solicitor Tony Mclynn Solicitor of T & N McLynn, Athlone were well aware that I was entitled to live in the home for the rest of my days per my father’s will which they were all furnished with a copy of. As I recall I was required to attend the high court on 3 separate days, the first of which they did not attend. On the second day I was informed by my barrister Donal Keane B.L. that they were in another room with Tony Mclynn Solicitor arguing amongst themselves, and then finally we got before the judge on the third day. This is just one of the numerous examples of their vengeful, spiteful behavior where they namely Anne Sanford, Kathleen O’Keefe, Mike Harte, Brenda Harte Waters, Michelle Harte, Philomena Duffy, Patrick Duffy, Catherine Duffy and Noel Duffy with their solicitor Tony Mclynn Solicitor squandered the Estate assets.

The beneficiaries Anne Sanford, Wellesley, Mass USA, Kathleen O’Keefe, Glanmire, Cork, Mike Harte,Wellesley, Mass USA, Brenda Harte Waters Quincy, Mass USA, Michelle Harte Wellesley, Mass USA, Philomena Duffy Mayo, Patrick Duffy, Clare, Catherine Duffy, Monksland, Athlone and Noel Duffy, Athlone.

Bones of Contention with the Beneficiaries and their Solicitor Tony Mclynn Solicitor of T & N McLynn Athlone;

They with the help of their solicitor Tony Mclynn Solicitor summoned me to the High Court in an effort to sell the roof over my head along with the lands among other things knowing full well that I was entitled to reside in the house for the rest of my days as per my late Fathers will.

They with the help of their solicitor Tony Mclynn Solicitor tricked me into minding the estate animals and broke promises that they would buy food nuts for the animals and also promised me that I would be compensated for minding the animals at closing and awarded the grant monies from the department of Agriculture.

They prepared and tricked me into signing their lease agreement on 27th August without providing me an opportunity to read over same carefully or to consider the matter. Consequently I was forced to get legal advice in order to amend a number of your conditions including my agreement to “having fully restored the lands to grassland by ploughing and reseeding by no later than the 31st of July 2015.” Lands that were never used for tillage, and even if they were who would commit to a short term 1 year lease with that condition. This appears underhanded to me and highlights the inadequate professional service provided by Solicitor T&N McLynn, Athlone. It is not of a quality that could reasonably be expected of a solicitor and served no purpose other than to force me to incur additional unnecessary expenses for legal advice to draft letters in response to the lease agreement they tricked me into signing. I would question also whether T&N McLynn is guilty of Misconduct by tending to bring the solicitors profession into disrepute. It is worth noting also that I was never provided a copy of Solicitors T&N McLynn’s Bill of Costs.

We will now bring our Peaceful Protests to their Homes

We will now bring our Peaceful Protests to their Homes

In retaliation to recent developments namely 3 Gardai Special Branch visits to 84 Year Old Mike Gavins Home and attempted to intimidate and interrogate. Followed by Clare Daly TD being disallowed to question Tanaiste and Minster for Justice re ‪#‎Roscommon‬ Gardai entering Elderly Mike Gavin’s Home. We will now bring our Peaceful ‪#‎Protests‬ to their Homes.
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7 comments on “Tony Mclynn Solicitor
  1. AntóinOFaolain AntóinOFaolain says:

    What’s the story with solicitor Tony Mclynn in Athlone. Not a fan of his. Please
    Message me if you want

  2. AntóinOFaolain AntóinOFaolain says:

    Bastards. I saw him try and charge someone over E3k for a personal injuries claim for a E250 investment then when the piab claim came in he told them not to accept it.

  3. Maggie1960 Maggie1960 says:

    Solicitors look @ taking ppl homes away as transactions/greed.No one shd sign their homes away 2 another while they are living.

  4. Carol Anne Tobin Dalton Carol Anne Tobin Dalton says:

    Greedy prick

  5. mark o hanlon says:

    its a disgrace what has being done to this man and its theft ,,, so robert marren should be charged with theft , and its shame on tony mclynn solicitors for taking this case and for their huge fees they charged which is also theft, corruption at its best under the law

  6. Fintan KEYES says:

    Disgraceful what they are doing to this elderly man

  7. imelda cloono says:

    it happened to me in court i had four kids

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