Peaceful Protest Mullingar

Peaceful Protest Mullingar

A Peaceful Protest will take place on Friday 13th November to seek Justice for Elderely Farmer Michael Gavin who was tricked into minding the farm animals of his late brothers estate for 9 years.
Despite the fact that the Dept of Agriculture apponted Michael Gavin Herd Keeper for the Animals, Mr Robert Marren rufused to award the grant monies paid down from the Dept and Michael was left with no choice but to use his old age pension to feed the starving animals.

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Mr. Marren Solicitor also refused to pay out Michael Gavin’s and his sister Eileen’s share of the proceeds from the land sale despite the fact that he had same in his possession for nearly 2 years. He went on to threaten Elderly Michael & Eileen that he intended to distribute the Estate Assets if they did not hire a Solicitor to issue proceedings to prevent him doing so despite their well founded objections, namely €116,789.11 compensation for minding the animals for 9 years and the amount awarded to each Michael Gavin and his sister Eileen was short €12,500 each plus interest from the time Mr. Marren Received the funds.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

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Robert Marren Solicitor Questions

Robert Marren Solicitor Mullingar was the Solicitor appointed by the High Court to administer the Estate of Patrick Gavin.

Despite persistent requests there still remains a number of unanswered questions as follows:

Why did Robert Marren Solictor not pay 83 year old Michael Gavin the grant Monies paid down from the Department of Agriculture?

Why did Robert Marren Solicitor Castle Street Mullingar not compensate Michael Gavin for his work done and services rendered for looking after the Estate Animals for some 9 years?

Why did Robert Marren Solicitor not pay Michael Gavin and his sister Eileen Linney their share from the land Sale when he received the monies some 2 years prior?

Why did Robert Marren Solicitor not pay Michael Gavin and his sister Eileen Linney the correct amount for the Land Sale it was €12,500 each less than the agreed amount?

Why did Robert Marren ignore the well founded objections made by Michael Gavin based on the above and distribute the Estate assets instead of taking the matter before a Judge?

Why has Robert Marren Solicitor not provided the detailed bill of costs that he promised he would?

Why has Robert Marren Solicitor not handed the matter over to the costing master?

Why did Robert Marren deduct €3,500 of Eileen Linney for animals she never owned?

Why has Robert Marren Solicitor NOT provided an invoice for Willie Penrose? Was Penrose Paid?? The Estate was charged for his opinion.

Why did Robert Marren Solicitor hire an additional accountant to oversee the accounts?

Why after investigation does Tony Watson Solicitor of the Law Society of Ireland not find fault with Robert Marren Solicitor?

Why did Robert Marren Solicitor pay Tony McLynn Solicitor his handsome fee amount of €38,941.00 approximately a year in advance of closing?

Why does Robert Marren threaten that he will NOT pay  John Glynn Solicitor while we seek justice in the matter?

Why is it difficult/impossible to find a Solicitor to help prepare Grounding Affidavits to report the matter to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal?

Why do some of the local TD’s namely Denis Naughton and Robert Troy refuse to intervene in the matter for an 83 year old honest farmer and retired CIE worker with Parkinson’s Disease?

Why should Michael Gavin be forced into taking proceedings against Mr Robert Marren Solicitor for recovery of what he rightfully earned?

What authority did Robert Marren have to close the Estate, known there to be well founded objections. It is he Robert Marren not Michael Gavin who should have taken the Matter to Court.

This is Financial Elder Abuse of the highest order and shame on those who do not support Michael Gavin in his fight for Justice in this matter

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

The following home video describes how Michael Gavin feels about what was done to him by Solicitors and Family

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One comment on “Peaceful Protest Mullingar
  1. Tom Rattigan Tom Rattigan says:

    I think it’s disgusting how these thieving crooked bastards can get away with this sort of think! It seems obvious to me that there was some skullduggery going on between these money grabbing bastards. I’m not sure about the Civil Courts in Eire but do they have a thing called Remmission of Fees whereby a pensioner with low income could possibly not have to pay court fees? smile emoticon

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