Only the banking theft victims can do it but they must act now!

Forget the notion that Government, the Central Bank, the Financial Regulator or the Financial Services Ombudsman can, would or should call in the Garda Fraud Squad to begin a criminal investigation.

It is not going to happen because the Irish establishment is not going to help prosecute itself.

The only way that has any chance of such an investigation ever happening, is if those who were defrauded by the banks make complaints themselves, as a group or collective and directly to the Garda Fraud Squad itself.

As many victims as possible should make statements and hand over copies of whatever evidence of fraud is to hand. All complaints should be carbon copied to the Minister for Finance, the European Commision Of Human Rights and to the Offices of the European Court Of Justice.

This is the only method of ensuring an even slim chance of the Garda Fraud Squad investigating this mass fraud, which was maliciously, deliberately and consciously committed by the banks against the people of Ireland.

Victims of this tracker scandal should not, under any circumstances, listen to lawyers or any other financial ‘experts’ if they (the lawyers and experts) attempt to advice that such complaints could prejudice any future inquiry or stop any voluntary but miserly compensation which may be forthcoming from the banks.

Such advice will have the effect of the criminal bankers escaping justice. But there are very dubious organisations in our midst that claim to be opposed to the banking industry who still lick the asses of the political establishment, including Stephen ‘Eviction Bill’ Donnelly.

Any established group which claims to represent bank victims must be avoided because they just cannot be trusted. A new organisation, which is unequivocal in its disdain for what the banks have done is now a must.

If the victims do not mobilise now, in a manner totally independent from the useless semi quangos on whose watch the banks robbed mortgage holders, then nothing will ever be done and the bankers will laugh their way as guests to the next #FineGael and #FiannaFail think ins.

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