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Letter from Law Society Threatening to Block my email address 12-August-2015

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Our Ref: 22942/l/19/7 and 22943/L/19/7

Dear Mr Gavin,

Despite the fact that both the above enquiry files have been closed, I continue to receive letters and email from you. I refer in particular to your letter of 26 July, and also you lengthy email of 30 July 2015.

You have referred one of these matters to the Independent Adjudicator, and I believe that she has upheld the Society’s decision to reject your complaint. In the circumstances, there is little point in you sending further correspondence and emails to me, as such further correspondence will not receive a reply. Indeed, if you continue to send emails to the Society, I will have no alternative but to block your email address. I do hope that that will not prove necessary.

Your sincerely

Tony Watson


Deputy Head of Complaints and Clients Relations Section

Fax 01 879 8785 email

My Response to above

I would argue that although the files are closed that my letter of 26 July, 2015 provides addition crucial evidence against the manner in which Mr. Robert Marren administered the Estate.

I still have difficulty understanding how your investigations did not find fault with the following:

  1. Why was Willie Penrose TD BL not paid for his opinion when the Estate was charged for same?
  2. Why was John Glynn Solicitor not paid? Read Letter to Mr. Marren
  3. Why did Robert Marren Solicitor Mullingar refuse to award me Michael Gavin the Grant monies paid down from the Department of Agriculture?
  4. Why did Robert Marren Solicitor Mullingar refuse to pay me for time spent and services rendered in looking after the Estate animals?
  5. Why did T & N McLynn summon me to the high court in an attempt to sell the roof over my head? knowing full well I had the right to reside there for the rest of my days as per my father’s Will.
  6. Why did Robert Marren Solicitor Mullingar refuse to pay my sister and I the monies from the Auction of the lands immediately?
  7. Why did Robert Marren Solicitor Mullingar pay us €12,500 each less than what we were due for the Land sale?
  8. Why did Robert Marren Solicitor Mullingar not go back to court when there were objections from the beneficiaries that could not be dealt with?
  9. Why did Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone not undertake the instructions given him by a Solicitor to prevent Marren closing in isolation to our well founded objections?
  10. Why was an additional accountant hired?
  11. Why did Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone write the letter he did to my sister Eileen?
  12. Why has Mr. Marren not provided a “detailed Bill of Costs” for the fees paid to him as he stated he would.
  13. follow this link Bones of Contention for more.

My lengthy email of 30 July 2015  was in response to Mr. Henry of Tormeys Solicitors letter  to my Elderly Defenseless Widowed sister Eileen Linney, who was only seeking justice through your office. Regardless of your findings, Mr. Henry had no right to scribe the letter that he did and his letter is just another example of his inadequate professional service that is not of a quality that could reasonably be expected of a solicitor and in my opinion he is guilty of misconduct by tending to bring the solicitors profession into disrepute.

As I have stated before I have every intention of pursuing justice in this mater and will leave no stone unturned until same is forthcoming. Your threat to block my emails will not quench the truth of what occurred and I believe it an immature approach for a man in your position “Deputy Head of Complaints and Clients Relations Section” to adopt. I do hope you will come to your senses in this matter.

Have a Nice Day

Michael Gavin


Please Support Michael Gavin Elderly 83 Year Old Irish Farmer by Signing Petition

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It is so nice to see a member of the legal professional acting like a spoilt brat throwing his dummy out of the pram. Bet he stamps his feet too. What a disgrace to a distinguished profession. I’ll bet they are so proud to be associated with someone of his level.”





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  1. Audrey Hickey Audrey Hickey says:


  2. Noel Walsh Noel Walsh says:

    There all the same solicitors garda judges some tds banks g4s they all look after each other and don’t give a puck about you or me

  3. Noel Walsh Noel Walsh says:

    Don’t talk about all the dicks in the law society they could not carry out an investigation if the file was sitting on a table in front of them but they know how not to investigate or miss place a file look at it this way not the current minister for justice she is an ex social worker I think but the other all members of the law society while in office changed nothing in the law society because if they had and lost their seat in the dail they could go back working in the four courts with all the other dicks they think they own the courts and the fact is they don’t something needs to be done about this no one is above the law but the all piss in the one pot

  4. John Major Collins John Major Collins says:

    the legal profession do not want to be dictated by Joe soap, wonder why maybe they cannot handle the truth, the way we know it

  5. Billy Burchell Billy Burchell says:

    Id say they would find it quite difficult to spell TRUTH let alone understand it John!!they are only capable of handling lies+ bullshit!!

  6. Gary McCool says:

    A possible key in the response to this issue by Tony Watson, solicitor, deputy head of complaints and client relations, is that Tony only relies on the ‘Independent Adjudicator’ as backup.

    The Independent Adjudicator does not, and cannot, investigate the merits of a case. He or she can only adjudicate as to whether the Law Society followed procedure in dealing with a complaint, that is, for example, did the Law Society respond to correspondence to Michael Gavin in timely fashion.

    The Independent Adjudicator cannot even comment on never mind rule on whether there was merit in Michael Gavin’s complaint. Nor can she comment or rule on whether not The Law Society provided adequate response to Michael Gavin’s complaint.

    The position Independent Adjudicator is an afront to the European Court of Human rights right to a fair hearing/Tribunal.

  7. Vic says:

    Have dealt with Clohessy. He is corrupt to the core.

  8. Fintan KEYES says:

    I support michael Galvin

  9. Fintan KEYES says:

    I support Michael Galvin

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