Garda Interrogate Elderly Mike Gavin

Garda Interrogate Elderly Mike Gavin

On Friday the 20th of May a local Garda and Roscommon detective called to Mike Gavin’s Home, Dundonnell Taughmaconnell. They were told Mikie was gone to Mullingar (Protest). They said they wanted to see Mikie re the Fraud “Thing”. They called back the next day despite the fact that Mike’s sister Eileen called them and told them that they were sending their Fraud file to Dublin when it was complete.
They came regardless and told Mike’s sister it had nothing to do with her and they wanted to see Mike Gavin. Mike’s sister locked the door and told them repeatedly out the window to go away and leave them alone and eventually they did.
3 Gardai returned Wednesday when and got Mike home alone. Mike Gavin describes here what happened.
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Gardai Interrogate Elderly Mike Gavin in his home


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14 comments on “Garda Interrogate Elderly Mike Gavin
  1. Robbie Dunn Robbie Dunn says:

    Irish police terrorism

  2. Harry Price Harry Price says:

    Frances Fitzgerald …will be on the side of the legal eagles and not that of what is……

  3. Brenda Murtagh Brenda Murtagh says:

    This is shocking

  4. John Bracken John Bracken says:

    This Garda behaviour is beyond any decent behaviour, let alone Legal behaviour. Walking into an Elderly Man’s Home by way of a Closed Door. NO Rights of Entry. Illegal !

  5. John Renwick John Renwick says:

    Heartrending: Maybe ask yourself just one question in the scenario as described by Mike Gavin… Where in the room would you have been?

  6. John Renwick John Renwick says:

    Kindly please witness this:
    the evidence of the harassment of an 84 year old farmer ~ so is this the Rural Development that You Voted for?

  7. Name and Shame Name and Shame says:

    Garda Intimidation because this solicitor Peter Jones works for and is connected to the dpp’s office. The same solicitor Peter Jones got 6 penalty points wiped by corrupt garda

  8. Jennifer Duffy Jennifer Duffy says:

    An absolute disgrace! What kind of way is this to treat a man of his age. Protection of the elderly and the vulnerable should be a priority not this kind of bullying and intimidating treatment! Makes my blood boil.

  9. Leslie Francis Leslie Francis says:

    Bastards won’t go after the people they should be after. They would much rather go after somebody like this who can’t hardly look after themselves. This country is a pure disgrace and it’s worse it’s getting. The elderly have enough worries wondering will it be scumbags robbing and attacking them without having to worry about this sort of crap from the very people that should be protecting.

  10. Jennifer Duffy Jennifer Duffy says:

    I just showed this to my parents, both of which are in their 70’s. They were horrified, frightened and very sad to see a frail, elderly man so demented and upset by these bully boy tactics. What kind of a threat is an 84 year old man that they needed 3 to call to his house??

  11. DoloresCorry DoloresCorry says:

    And not alone that but they came back when they knew this old man was one his own and alone how low can they go the Garda , real criminals out they and they can’t do anything about or so Enda Kenny said on TV , how brave are these men going after an 84 year old man when there was no one there to help him and stand up for him .

  12. JasonDeasy JasonDeasy says:

    So typical that the state stand for the vultures and not the poor old man living in squalid conditions..looking after his animals and not getting a penny for it. Then they want to kick him 83 year old man who’s lived in that house with his brother for 70 years!

  13. MaryDoyleMaher MaryDoyleMaher says:

    That’s an absolute disgrace something has to be done how dare they harass a poor elderly man just to cover up corruption from the opposition.

  14. KarenMulligan KarenMulligan says:

    Irony here is if that gentleman had been burgled or assaulted the chances of getting a ‘guard’ to arrive at the door would be slim and the chances of the ‘ guards’ actually solving a crime or finding the assailant would be slim to none at all !!!!! Country is a joke !!! Political Policing at its best !!!! Shame on them !!!

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