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“Well written account of the injustice perpetrated against an innocent man aided and abetted by the Irish legal profession to steal this elderly man’s money from him. The solicitor should be charged and jailed.”

“This is a very sad case of an elderly man being cheated by the law. It’s very detailed and definitely worth a read, cases like this abound in Ireland, where people will behave in truly shameful manner where land is concerned.”

“Shocking Corruption Exposed by Elderly Farmer. This is Rural Ireland 2015. You won’t see this on 6.01 News.”

“To commit fraud is an offense in Ireland. But the prosecution for such will depend very much on where you reside on the social scale #vinb”

“This story highlights the blue-shirt mentality of current regime. People should read it and stand up against FG cowards and Bullies.”

“This type of practice is unacceptable and must undergo a radical review and renewal. Irish people, be they farmers or academics (one doesn’t exclude the other) trust these kind of professions to represent their clients interests. In this case it seems like that trust was exploited for personal gain.”

“This is Disgusting Travesty of Justice these Solicitors should be disbarred from Practicing for this ABUSE of their Position they are Traitors to our People Greedy disgusting Cretins who should be arrested & Jailed for their terrible ABUSE of this Man! WE are watching from Afar & We promise you we will get Justice for this Man!”

“This is the saddest story I have heard in all my fifteen years in Ireland. it is sad because it predicts the future and yet no-one cares because you are asleep. You Irish have made for yourself a bed of nails through your gutlessness and apathy. And let hell skelp it into ye.”

“His estranged family will have no luck for this. Denying water and shelter to someone is not part of our culture. What goes around comes around I’ve seen it happen before, maybe not this generation but the next. A curse on them.”

“Irish law society closed ranks apparently facilitating the denying of justice to an elderly farmer.”

“Hi Mike I have just read the whole story from beginning to end an utter disgrace very sad totally injust . can’t find the share button. I do hope that things will go right for him. The expense so far is unreal”

“What else should be expected in Ireland today. The real issue is too many have the attitude of  I’m all right jack so f*** you”

“Cases like this one rely on secrecy, sharing on social media may deter future fraud occurring within families regarding the beneficiaries of a will, it’s far too common.”

“As an Irish American dealing with a case with similarities there is no justice in this country for seniors…it should be reported in the media in the states. I will be doing so, have Sean Hannity get involved on Fox news he hates injustice!!”

“the mob in the legal world have no honour, respect or fairness its all about”

“its a disgrace what has being done to this man and its theft ,,, so robert marren should be charged with theft , and its shame on tony mclynn solicitors for taking this case and for their huge fees they charged which is also theft, corruption at its best under the law”

“The Lawless Society are hell bent on benefitting themselves through legalised theft. Hiding themselves behind the Law and corrupting it, yet they cannot be tried for their crimes, because they run the courts.”

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