Clare Daly disallowed to question Tanaiste and Minster for Justice re Roscommon Gardai entering Elderly Mike Gavin’s Home

ClareDalydisallowed to question


On April 1st Peter D. Jones State Solicitor Mullingar Threatens Elder Mike Gavin to halt Peaceful Protests outside his client Robert Marren Solicitors Mullingar

Mike Gavin informed Peter D Jones in writting that he was preparing a file to send to Garda Fraud Squad Mike demanded 7 pieces documentary evidence and answers to 20 questions  No Response to date from Jones

MikeGavin’s Peaceful Protest in Mullingar Friday May 20th 2pm Great Success Supporters from all over the country

“Has-Being” and “Never will Be again Being” ex-Mullingar Councilor FAILED to trick Mike Gavin Peaceful Protesters into Breaching the Peace. Shame on You!


Special Branch visit Mike 3 Times 8 Penalty Points Peter D Jones State Solicitor THREATENS 84 Year Old Mike Gavin with Garda Special Branch.

Peter Jones is the Fianna Fail appointed State ‪‎Solicitor‬ for ‪‎Westmeath‬. He is now more than 2 decades in this position. Peter Jones is a right wing conservative on moral issues and he has been against every piece of reformist referenda for decades, including the Divorce Referendum of 1995.
Only a few years ago, Peter Jones had 8 PENALTY POINTS corruptly and illegally removed, a matter which appeared in the Phoenix Magazine at the time.
Peter Jones is now threatening an 83 year old farmer. Is it not enough for 83 year old Mike Gavin to have been defrauded of a large sum of money by Mr. Jones’s friend and fellow Mullingar solicitor Robert Marron? Is there nothing so low as to what the legal profession in Mullingar will stoop to? Just as you thought that they could not sink any lower by defrauding an elderly farmer, they are now threatening him.
Gardai Interrogate Elderly Mike Gavin in his home
On Friday the 20th of May a local Garda and Roscommon detective called to Mike Gavin’s Home, Dundonnell Taughmaconnell. They were told Mikie was gone to Mullingar (Protest). They said they wanted to see Mikie re the Fraud “Thing”. They called back the next day despite the fact that Mike’s sister Eileen called them and told them that they were sending their Fraud file to Dublin when it was complete.

They came regardless and told Mike’s sister it had nothing to do with her and they wanted to see Mike Gavin. Mike’s sister locked the door and told them repeatedly out the window to go away and leave them alone and eventually they did.

3 Gardai returned Wednesday when and got Mike home alone. Mike Gavin describes here what happened.
Share and Expose the Blue Bully Boys working for Peter D. Jones
Gardai Interrogate Elderly Mike Gavin in his home
We will now bring our Peaceful Protests to their Homes

We will now bring our Peaceful Protests to their Homes

We will bring our Next Peaceful Protests to their Homes.
Saturday, June 11 at 1 PM Ballyglass Mullingar…
In retaliation for Special Branch Gardai intimidation and attempted interrogation of 84 Year Old Mike Gavin,
followed by Clare Daly TD being disallowed to question Tanaiste and Minster for Justice re Roscommon Gardai entering Elderly Mike Gavin’s Home.

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Why Rolling Peaceful Protest Mullingar Friday June 24th 2pm Outside Robert B Marren and Peter D Jones Solicitors Mullingar


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5 comments on “Clare Daly disallowed to question Tanaiste and Minster for Justice re Roscommon Gardai entering Elderly Mike Gavin’s Home
  1. Billy says:

    To be perfectly honest the Garda and scilictors in this country should be put into a jail and the keys thrown away their no good only herasen this poor old farmer I’m a young farmer my self I’d like to see them try it with me this whole country is a disgrace a government that cares noting about the peopel and police that are only out to make life miserable for peopel that payed their taxes and worked all their lives it’s a disgrace

  2. Joe Kelly Joe Kelly says:

    how dare the Ceann Comhairle tell Clare Daly TD that she cannot ask a question on behalf of the electorate,the people of Ireland need to root out the coroupt politicians and their private security,the Gardai.

  3. Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly says:

    She wasn’t allowed to question unethical behavior in what is deemed to be a Democratic house..but then that to is a illusion because there isn’t anything Democratic about it we should of known this in 08 when with the stroke of a pen they sold this countries soul but this will not set us back because there the wolves were the hyenas were going to fight scratch and claw until justice is served for a elderly man who has done no wrong only worked hard all his life this is not finished its only just begun #jfmg

  4. Eamon Broughan says:

    sean o fearghail is a ff lackey and will do as he is told.

  5. Liam Rabbitte says:

    Corruption at its best. Keep posting and post outside of the Country as Well.

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