Aodhán Ó Ríordáin

Aodhán Ó Ríordáin


This week failed TD, ex School Teacher and insufferable snowflake ‘AON O REARDON’ has been in the media condemning the banks about the tracker mortgage scandal.

It is almost like this chancer is new to politics and the moral high ground was rolled out for him on the day he was born.

The fact that this Labour Party stalward was a member of government only this time 2 years ago while the banks were defrauding the people seems lost on our mainstream media who continue to give this hypocrite undeserved publicity.

This is the man who campaigned for the abolition of the Seanad while he was a TD, but willingly got elected to it after losing his Lower House seat.

Aodhán Ó Ríordáin now has the cheek to jump on the tracker band wagon while turning a blind eye to such robbery while holding ministerial office.

The fact is, everyone in Government knew what was going on because many of the banks’ victims were blue in the face complaining to the political establishment.

The media also knew. So this farce of pretend shock by Ireland’s political and media establishment is nauseating. It is a bit rich (no pun intended) for the likes of this ex Government Minister to be shedding crocodile tears while in opposition, but having consented to such nationwide fraud by his silence in Government.

The only genuine tears shed by this individual was at the count centre on the day he lost his Dail seat in the spring of last year.

The thought of losing 3 grand per week would be enough to even sadden that champagne socialist. O’ Riordain is not the only public figure in pretend shock at this latest banking scandal.

But he is consistently a pretend shocker and virtue signaller.

He is also one of the main reasons why the Irish Labour Party is finished in working class areas and their only future lies in a few smug and elite little middle class areas of Dublin, where it is cool to be left wing so long as the taxes are not too high, refugees are kept at the other end of town with the plebs and the methadone clinics are only a problem for North Inner City shoppers.

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